During the apartheid era in South Africa the international community, universities and scholars refused to recognize or have contact with universities that were established in South Africa’s Bantustans on the ground that they were creatures of apartheid.

Ariel University must be treated in the same way for similar but more compelling reasons.

First, it is an institutional creature of a system of apartheid established by Israel in occupied Palestine.

Second, it is designed to legitimize and bolster an illegal occupation.

Third, unlike the Bantustan universities that were created to provide education for a people subjected to apartheid, Ariel University has been created to provide education for the occupiers that discriminate against and brutalize the local Palestinian population.

Any university or scholar that recognizes or fraternizes with Ariel University is complicit in an illegal occupation and discriminatory system of apartheid.

John Dugard
Emeritus Professor of Law
Universities of the Witwatersrand and Leiden